Monday, February 22, 2010

Long-Term Project: Sexuality in America

Price Ritchie, 53, sits with his $5,000 sex doll at his home in Paducah, Ky.. Ritchie purchased the love doll after a period of loss in which is mother and brother died and his wife divorced him. "i tried everything to fill a void in my life after they were gone, but i needed to feel something next to me in bed at night, and Bella (the doll) helps with that." while Ritchie does not converse with the doll, he admits that she gives him a considerable amount of companionship.


Janesays said...

Hello Ty,I saw a photo piece you did for Time and I thought it was amazing and it reminded me to check up on the piece you did for love dolls. Thanks for putting this in your blog. I can see that you are a fair journalist and I am pleased that you would find interest in taking on the complex world of doll ownership. Remember that we(Doll Owners) are just as diverse as the world we live in. Thanks,Janesays(Coverdoll Site Manager)

Ty Cacek said...

Thanks Janesays! i'm still very interested in continuing to tel lthe life stories of doll owners, do you think i am still welcome at Coverdoll?


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