Friday, January 29, 2010


Over winter break i sat on my butt and played video games. there is no excuse for the laziness of the past 5 weeks. however, when i sit down and think about it, i'm not surprised about it at all. I have always dreamed of becoming a conflict photographer, and over the summer, i finally got a taste. i loved it--no, i loved it too much. Being a photographer working on foreign assignments is what all i have ever wanted to do and after doing it, it was really the only thing i wanted to do ever again. This is not healthy if you plan on returning to the states for 4 entire years of photojournalism school. i had a mental block last semester. i didn't think it was possible to make good pictures in rural Kentucky. So, the 5 weeks that i just wasted were really a time for me to wipe the slate clean and create a new vision for myself so that i can keep myself focused while attending University.

So ladies and gentlemen, i'm back, with a passion, and im angry that i havent done more with my time so far. im ready to make images, and im ready to kick some ass. watch out.

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