Saturday, December 11, 2010

South Sudan

The Children of Sudan

South Sudan. I feel like it's been the answer to every question I've been asked this week. What are you doing tonight? Finishing my 15-page paper on human rights abuses in South Sudan. What are you doing over winter break? I'm going to South Sudan. Why do you need all this extra photo gear? It's because i'm going to Sudan, Ma. Why are you so stressed? I'm trying to get assignments while i'm in South Sudan, and dont have one yet. What stories are you working on now? I'm about to cover the referendum in South Sudan.

I'm not even there yet, and I need a break.


sammyg said...

alright i give up. i wanted to get in touch with you to talk to you about some of your time spent in Bwaise. new to the whole blog thing so cant figure it out. lol message me when you get a chance and let me know. :)

-Ty said...

my email is if you would like to contact me.


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