Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rwanda: WiFi journeys and a little bit of fun

I went out to get to a wifi hotspot yesterday and I brought along my camera just to do some fun shooting around Kigali. I had a lot of fun.

Recipe: 7 tips for fun
1.take off your huge 24-70mm zoom lens and replace it with a 50mm f/1.8
2.Take off your enormous battery grip.
3.shoot from the hip
4.shoot from the eyes
5.shoot from the window of your car
6.shoot whatever you want to
7.don’t worry about the quality of the photos, they’re not supposed to be gallery-quality. You’re just having fun!


jao507 said...

Tyler: I enjoyed the amusement tips as that is what I tried to do with my Provence shots this spring. I'm going to copy those 1-7 tips and refer to them from time to time.

jao507 said...

The blues, that yellow and the little splash of red are great in the above. Also the two subjects with very focused appearance....but not seemingly aware of each other. The first photos I looked at today. Again thanks for the release from guilt for sometimes "randon" shooting.

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