Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heart of Darkness: Displaced in the Democratic Republic of Congo

After being here for 3 days, ive decided that it's best that i go back to Rwanda. I dont feel like i have a good enough infrastructure to support myself with. Congo is expensive and i can't justify spending money on things other than those that benefit HALO, Cornerstone, or Cameras for Children. It's a bit frustrating to me, because i feel like the people here deserve more of my time and efforts, but the bottom line is that i can't stay. i don't speak Swahili or French, and hardly anyone here speaks English. i will return to Congo at a later date. maybe in a year. maybe in five. i don't really know, but i will return.

Here is a slideshow of images from my time in in congo. Heart of Darkness: Displaced in DRC

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Jennifer said...

Amazing work...I love the photos thru the cutouts in the metal...and the one with all the pregnant women and the mother and child laughing in this insanity...beautiful work!
-Mrs Holland

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